The fire

He whispered something she could not understand and caressed her skin. And an intense heat invaded her body, invisible flames slowly covered her pale skin. She stared into his eyes and took his hand gently. And he too became into a fireball.

She whispered something he could not understand and they melted into a kiss. And the room burst into flames. The sofa, the chairs, the table, the curtains. Everything was on fire, the light was blinding, but they did not care, they just could not stop kissing.

None of them understood what was going on, they had no control over their bodies, they were burning and they did not know why.

And there was not any him nor her anymore, they were a single being in flames, two hearts beating in unison. And when dawn caught them by surprise they were nothing but ashes. Ashes ready to be blown away forever by the cold northern wind.