About me

Born in a small village among the Basque mountains, raised in the kingdom of my imagination. I love playing with words and creating beautiful images in your mind.

Storyteller, artist, tireless creator of beautiful things ― sometimes from the darkness, others from sunshine.

I write to make sense of this world. To make sense of my world.

With my words, pictures and art, I tell the reality through my eyes. And also, I create new possible and impossible realities. Why not!

noemi rivera

I like

I like red pu-erh tea and dark chocolate, swimming in the sea when the sun is still shy, and riding my bicycle to go everywhere.

I like looking for beauty in the most ordinary things, savouring the small pleasures of life, and watching sparrows hop around.

This is a space for creative expression Through words and images

«La imaginación es lo más grande que tenemos; no la dejes marchitar, no permitas que te la roben. La imaginación permite que el mundo sea como tú quieres que sea».