The books based on my own true stories that I should write one day

Sometimes I think my life would make a great novel. Well, to be more precise, it would be many novels, each of them inspired by different episodes of my life: when my plants used to die, when I discovered that my neighbour lays naked in bed with her curtains open, when the mosquitoes don’t let me sleep in summer, or when I scream because I dropped bleach on my clothes, just to mention a few.

So I decided to have some fun designing the covers of these fictitious novels. Then, I took the idea further and developed a story from the title of each of these books. 

And this is the result. What’s your favourite?

The Amazing Adventures Of the Sock That Got Lost In My Washing Machine

10th February: I made my regular laundry after the gym. When it’s time to hang the clothes, I realise that a sock is missing. I sigh.

24th June: I make my usual weekend laundry. When I unload the washing machine, I find the pink winter sock that months ago I thought I had lost for ever. Where did it go? Where has it been all this time?

“I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe,” the lost sock whispered to its partner, still shaking as they reunited in the underwear drawer.

All The Plants That Died In My Living Room

Adèle is an introvert woman who finds plants the best company a person can have. However, also enjoys leaving them unattended and watching them die. But one day, she starts going out with Daniel, the florist in her street. Will the dark fate of her plants change? Or will Daniel become part of her sadistic hobby?


Martina has just moved to her new apartment; she’s in love with its large terrace and the views, and she’s practically living there with her three cats, enjoying the spring sun. But little does she know that on top of her lives a hermit-like woman who loves cleaning every corner of the house with bleach.

Fifty Shades Of Green

Mr. Green is a successful entrepreneur who loves healthy lifestyle. But his life will change after returning from a 4-week vacation in Italy, when he finds a forgotten mouldy orange in his kitchen. 

Curtainless Courtney

The first time I met Curntey, she was laying naked on bed in her semi-basement level bedroom. I could clearly see her from my kitchen. She had no curtains, the lights were on, and she couldn’t care less. Same scene, every night. My husband and I were tempted to tell her that people could see everything from the street, but thought it was none of our business. 

One rainy day, I bumped into her in the corner grocery. That was the beginning of a friendship that would change our lives in the most unexpected way.

Curtainless Courtney (Adult version)

Nobody in the neighbourhood knew her. She was the mysterious woman whose figure would light up behind the windows of her bedroom every night, revealing the sinuous shape of her naked body calling the eyes of the passersby.

When Amando, an 18-year-old student, moved into the apartment across the street with his family, he instantly got obsessed with the body of this woman that had so much to teach him.

Suck It Up!

Summer, heat and mosquitoes. This book is a collection of poems inspired by the countless nights the author had to suffer in the company of these irritating creatures. From rage to love, Suck It Up! explores the most unexpected feelings that mosquitoes can evoke in the middle of a summer night.