My love-hate relationship with broccoli

Broccoli and I are good old friends. I remember very clearly the first time we met: I was 19, and I was staying a few weeks with a family in London (the Gimsoms) while I was studying English at a school.

One evening, I sat around the table for dinner with them and I found this new vegetable on my plate.

«Oh no, new food in front of me. I guess I have to try it because I don’t want to look impolite».

To my surprise, broccoli wasn’t as bad as popular culture makes us believe. But after a few bites, my motivation to continue eating it plummeted, and just wanted to switch to something that would make my taste buds happy again.

Still, I decided to bring this healthy vegetable into my diet because of its multiple benefits.

And since then, my relationship with broccoli is as follows:

broccoli story
cooking broccoli
broccoli meal