Summer Night Tales

17th of June. Silence

I love the sound of silence,
The clean peaceful silence
That stays after killing a mosquito.
The sound of death,
Anticipation of a restful sleep,
While I sprawl on my bed
Free of any kind of fabric
Or buzzing noise.
Oh glorious silence of summer nights!

24th of July. Lovelessness

If only he desired my body
Every night
As ardently as mosquitoes do.

I’d rather the whispering of his nice words
woke me up in the middle of the night,
Than the ominous buzz
Of mosquitoes.

8th of August. Death

DEATH. The sound of death is the sound of a flip-flop slamming the wall and tinting it in red, the colour of my blood. A thunderous lullaby that will make me sleep again.

Death. Because you deserve nothing but being ruthlessly slaughtered for disturbing me with your obnoxious buzz while I dream.

Death. Because you have bitten every single inch of my skin and get away with it. But you won’t, because you have encountered your fatal destiny under the sole of my deathly flip-flop seeking revenge, hot revenge, like my blood now blemishing the wall.

Death. Because that’s the only thing that will take me back to Morpheus’ Kingdom, a night of peace and rest, my prize after a long working day.

Death. Because you must die, bloody bastard, honourless blood-sucker, creepy fiddler.