An unusual morning

I woke up when the sun still was shy. The bed sheets didn’t want me anymore, and the apartment was telling me to leave. So I left.

I didn’t even bother to take off my pjs. I put on my flip-flops and greeted the day from middle of the road.

I danced along the pavements, zigzagging between the garbage bags, leaping over dog’s feces and urine streaks, striding to avoid broken tiles and potholes.

The construction workers had just started working on the tall building, and an old lady started yelling out of the window in a language I couldn’t understand. The five stray cats resting on the car below fled.

I kept on walking down the street, till I reached the seafront.

The sea was calm and quiet. Undisturbed. So pure and virginal, like no boat had ever sailed its smooth surface. Like it had never been agitated by the fickle weather. Crystalline. Turquoise. Teal.

“Come”. I felt it was whispering to me. “Come and be mine. Come and I will be yours”. I didn’t even have time to think. I obeyed. I had no choice. I took off my flip-flops, slid down the slippery rocks graciously, and plunged.

The sea embraced me. I could see it’s vivid blue hues, even though my eyes were closed. I let my body completely still, I just wanted that the gentle hands of the sea pushed me up without me doing any effort at all. I just wanted to feel the sea, as it was my own body. I wanted to be the sea.

But the sea never pushed me up. It embraced me tightly, and kept me with it. “Be mine, and I will be yours”, it whispered

And that was the day when I became the sea.