The Girl On The Cliff

They were standing on the edge of the cliff of the small island while they gazed at the sun disappearing in the horizon. He held her hand gently and she smiled, eyes fixed on the big orange orb.

When the last chunk of sun was swallowed by the sea, she took a step forward and whispering something he could barely hear, released his hand. In a blink of an eye she was gone. She had jumped. He leaned over the cliff looking for answers, but he couldn’t see her, there was no her falling. Instead, a thousand birds of all colours emerged from the bottom of the cliff, flying towards the end of the sea.

Now she is the wind that those birds leave behind. Now she is free. She can sing through the tiny holes of the cliffs. She can dance with the leaves of the trees.

She can travel with the rays of the sun to warm him up in the cold winter. She can be the morning breeze caressing his skin. The flutter of eyelashes laying next to him. The breath of an I love you she never dared to say.