A morning in a noisy street

A toddler crying his lungs out,
The persistent horn of the gas truck,
The loud radio of the neighbour,
A heated conversation in a foreign language,
Machines working in a faraway construction site,
A dog barking relentlessly,
And an idiot revving up his motorbike like his life depended on it.

Those are the noises that reach the windows of my small apartment.
Every morning.
Scraping the glass.
Fighting to get in, to wake me up and distort my inner music.

Because it’s a crazy street.
A concrete jungle.
Where people, vehicles, animals and buildings know no rules,
but the law of noise.
Harmony is lost and forgotten.
Peace is something you can only find in a dictionary.
And beauty has given up and fled somewhere else, where it can be truly appreciated.

Noise rules this street.
A noise that will distort you
till you are no longer music.